As well as initiating projects and supporting the work of our partners and friends, Shift can offer specific services to creative individuals and organisations. From nurturing the seedling ideas to fundraising, building partnerships, organisational and talent development or facilitating your collaborations, Shift can help. If budgets are tight, get in touch anyway as we work flexibly and can tailor our support to fit the project.

Our most valuable resources in this area are our networks, our communication skills, ability to understand the big picture as well as the small details, our curiosity and our integrity. This combination is a potent mix for developing the work of all sorts of artists and creative practitioners. With a passion for developing talent and ideas, we can help you push your practice and support your ambition.

The services we offer are:

Consultancy and advice

Discuss your project in a warm and welcoming face to face meeting (or Skype call!) using a combination of CRP, coaching and workshopping. We believe in sharing so contacts and useful hints and tips on approaching people to work with is also offered.

Fundraising and budgeting 

We can work with you to create realistic and sustainable budgets, write excellent local, national and international grant applications, look for and leverage partnership income, understand what potential your project has for earning income and work with you on looking for non-financial ways of making your work happen; think GIFT economies and alternative currencies…

Talent Development 

Shift loves developing talent. An important aim that has underpinned all of the work that we do, we are always keen to meet artists and creatives who want to develop their skills, at any stage of their career. We have worked with emerging to established practitioners from sectors as diverse as film, performance, technology, dance and design both in coaching and mentoring scenarios, one-to-one sessions and hosting interns.

Business Planning and Sustainability 

We love business planning and sustainability! Helping interesting people and companies nail down what they really care about, what they want to do and how they are going to do it is one of our favourite things to do. We can also help you embed environmental, financial, physical, administrative and emotional sustainability into your plans at the earliest stages, ensuring that your planning is as robust as it can be.

Internationalising work

Shift has been working in international contexts since the very beginning. Over the years we have amassed an excellent understanding of what the considerations are for working with different places, languages and cultures. We’re more about meaningful relationships with our international colleagues than pulling together tours so if you are keen to develop work in this way we’d love to help.

Documentation and Evaluation

Tracking development and understanding the value of your work is vital in ensuring it continues to be supported. Shift believes in continued learning and evaluation is a key part of that. Ensuring that you have evidence of your excellent projects is an important objective to have; applying creativity and getting the most out of your documentation and evaluation is one of the things we can help with.

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