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Kim Simpson is based in Glasgow, Scotland. Sometimes she calls herself a producer, other times an artist. Sometimes she is a facilitator, a mediator, a developer, an initiator, a collaborator, a partner, a sister, a daughter and a friend. Kim is interested in the world, its diversity and its complexity and the fact that everything is connected, nothing exists in a vacuum and context is everything.

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Kim Simpson is an artist, producer and cultural manager working in Scotland and internationally across the arts, screen and creative industries. Founding director of Shift, her clients and collaborators include creative individuals and companies from a broad range of disciplines from dance and performance to film, design, science and technology.

Kim’s particular skills and interests relate to exploring creativity, the ecology of the arts and creative sectors, organisational and individual development, effective communication and collaboration. She enjoys the duality of working on strategy, structure and organisation as well as creatively on the development of ideas, concepts and artistic process. She is also committed to her own continued professional development and sharing learning with her community through collaboration.

Kim has worked within a range of international contexts and has built relationships across Europe, Australia and Asia.

Prior to her career in arts management, Kim was a music promoter, band manager and Architecture student.

Kim has Hypermobility Syndrome, a complex multi-systemic genetic condition affecting connective tissues. This informs her practice in immeasurable ways.

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