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Superational is a digital ecosystem for artists developed by Ed Stack of Ten Tracks/MSA and Decagram, who is also a musician, with the support of a team which includes Tim Prochak from Pufferfish, Film-maker and entrepreneur Larissa Moran, David Martin, artist and the mind behind Hidden Door Festival and Kim Simpson from Shift. Working closely with the Institute for Informatics and Innovation at Edinburgh Napier, Superational enables artists and audience to interact more meaningfully giving both the ability to search, discover and connect with artists and producers, crowdfund and crowdsource new digital and live content, collaborate online across artforms, promote work with minimal effort and focus on actual creative work.

Research around financing projects, alternative currency and time-banking in order to enable productivity in the face of austerity is ongoing. Stay tuned for details of Beta versions for testing and the full launch of the site.

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