Lab: a conversation about developing talent


Lab // a conversation about developing talent

Lab was a 2-day workshop for the arts, screen and creative industries, held in Edinburgh in August 2012. The symposium provided an opportunity for people to come together to share experiences and learning, to explore possibilities and potential. Lab built on the success of Talent Development Symposiums held in 2010 & 2011, hosted by Festivals Edinburgh & Arts Council England.

The aim of the event was to host an open forum for discussion about ideas for a sustainable future for talent development and opportunities for talent in Scotland.

Lab addressed four themes central to the issue of developing talent:

Failure: what do we mean by failure and how is it useful as a learning process in talent development?
Context: what are the opportunities and challenges shaping talent development in Scotland?
Diversity: what are the different types of creative talent and how are they best developed?
Resources: what investments, financial, emotional and other are necessary to enable talent to prosper?

The workshop was developed by NT Creative Arts and Trigger and delivered with support from Shift.

Lab // a conversation about developing talent

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