Red Shoes


Judith Williams // Red Shoes

Images: Ian Watson

29th November – 21st December 2013
Made with support from The Work Room and FST
Funded by Creative Scotland

Red Shoes was a large-scale immersive performance based on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic dark folk tale ‘The Red Shoes’.

This version of ‘The Red Shoes’, aimed at families, explores how we stay wild feral forest things while living in cities and how to find peace with a foot in each world. The original story’s themes of organic, feral creativity subverted by shiny city commercialism are the main influences on the piece; how can we retain the first in the context of the second?

A completely new piece of cross-art form theatre by Williams in the guise of Judy Two Shoes, Red Shoes is an exploration of how we live now – divided between duty and instinct, represented by the city and the forest and is told through body, sound and song; jazz, folk and klezmer; folk circle dances, tap and ballet.

The Tramway 1 space was transformed into an all-encompassing, intimate and sumptuous in-between world; part city and part forest. The audio and visual aspects of the piece created a beautiful immersive world which was simultaneously safe, tender and bold.

Full video available here. Contact for password.





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