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Image: From Neil Harbisson’s ‘I listen to colour‘ Ted Talk

Sonica is a programme dedicated to world-class sonic arts, presenting emerging British talent alongside exceptional international artists in collaboration with renowned co-producers and venues. Curated by Cathie Boyd, Patrick Dickie and Graham McKenzie and produced by Cryptic in Glasgow, Sonica gives a UK platform to performances of exceptional and rarely seen work.

Shift devised and delivered the 2013 Sonica Public Engagement Programme alongside Rob Morrison who worked with Picture Window to create a public exhibition of sonic and visual works, as well as creating a festival hub on Albion Street.

Shifts role was to deliver a broad programme of events inspired by the theme of ‘sonic art for the visually minded’. Shift focused on a range of activities around sonic and visual art with a view to attracting families, young people and new adult audiences into the festival. Workshops were delivered by Ali Maloney, Asthmatic Astronaut, Tawona Sithole, Sarah Kentchington, Skoog Music and Kim Simpson amongst others and explored seeing sound, conducting colour, sonic storytelling and making electronic music.

SATSYMPH and The Listening Machine were also offered as part of the programme.

A highly successful, free film programme featuring Tape Crackers by Rollo Jackson was presented alongside a curated programme of short films from submissions. The selection was curated by Kim Simpson and Craig Gallacher of Grampian Mountains. This was complemented by a programme of synaesthetic, sonic and visual Ted Talks selected by Kim.

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